Sunday, September 28, 2008

42 reasons to love Mr. C

Mr. C.....that's my husband. Today, he celebrates his 42nd birthday. It's pretty low key - nothing like his 40th birthday when he got an armadillo cake in honor of all the armadillos he had trapped that year.

Today, it's just the girls celebrating with C. We're taking him to our trusty old favorite restaurant: Casa Mexicana. Trusty, because it will be the food we love and the waiter who waits on us every week when we go in there. Exciting? Yes, maybe. It will be our first visit to the new location. Unfortunately, C does have to work after that though.

I would like to leave my list of 42 reasons why I love C:

1. He is handsome.
2. He is a wonderful husband and partner in life.
3. He is a wonderful father.
4. He is very predictable - which keeps things calm and steady.
5. He is just enough unpredictable to keep me on my toes.
6. He is my biggest cheerleader.
7. I love the fact that he has 40 + polo shirts in his closet but they are all in varying shades of only 4 colors.
8. I love the fact that he turns 42 today; yet, he maintains friendships with people he was friends with in high school.
9. I love the fact that he is passionate about what he does. He truly loves being a meteorologist.
10. I love the fact that he doesn't think twice about sitting down and having a tea party with Allison - and that means everything to her.
11. He's a news junkie....and so am I (although we don't always have the same opinion about what is in the news).
12. I love him for being the rock in the storms of the sweet, but sometimes, difficult moments of our life together.
13. He is a great painter (not artistically. I'm talking walls - take a look at my living room - it looks fabulous!)
14. I love the fact that he had NEVER changed a diaper until the day Allison was born - and he was hooked. He has changed diapers all the time.
15. I love the fact that he never complains about helping around the house. He totally does what he can, when he can.
16. He is a GREAT landscaper and yard caretaker. Drive can see. It's beautiful. He keeps probably the greenest yard on the street.
17. He loves my cooking which makes it easy to cook for him.
18. I love the fact that he refers to Allison and me as "my girls".
19. We both love Bill Maher - for better or worse.
20. I love the fact that he stockpiles New Balance tennis shoes. He wears a pair to work until they are not fit to wear to work. Then they become his yard shoes until they wear out. And he's always got a spare in the closet.
21. He keeps our vehicles immaculately clean (and you have no idea how hard that is when I am the one that drives one of them.)
22. I love the fact that when Allison and I visit him for dinner at his office, he sits Allison on his lap and colors with her for a few minutes before we go.
23. I love it when he gets tickled....especially at something on TV. He will rewind the TiVo a million times just so he can keep laughing (like when Roseanne was on Bill Maher a couple of weeks ago).
24. I love the fact that he is the most trustworthy person that I know.
25. I love the way he loves Allison.
26. I love the fact that he's not a booklover, but he's always on the lookout for something that I might like to read.
27. I love the fact that he surprises me when I least expect it. See my "Fall into Reading 2008" blog.
28. I love the fact that he calls me "mama" and I call him "daddy" like we're some old and tired couple....(oops, maybe we are old and tired)
29. I love the fact that he still remembers what I wore on our first date.
30. I love the fact that he is loyal - he asks for the same waiter at Casa Mexicana; he's had the same hair dresser for 20 years; etc.
31. I love the fact that he refers to going to the symphony as "getting some culture".
32. I love his dry sense of humor...he can really come up with some zingers.
33. I love the fact that my husband willingly missed Monday Night Football last week just so I could watch "Dancing with the Stars".
34. I love the fact that the last time my husband sent me flowers, he had the florist replicate the flowers that I carried on our wedding day.
35. I love that C never misses an opportunity to tell me that he is proud of me (unfortunately, I miss way too many opportunities to tell him).
36. I love that C's nickname for me for the longest was SweetT (pronounced Sweet Tea). Don't ask me why....but I loved it.
37. I love that he calls me occasionally when he's at work or when I'm out and about just to tell me that he loves me.
38. I love that C brings me a Route44 Diet Coke from Sonic if he is running errands just because he thinks I might like one - and I would.
39. I love the fact that C has been known to accommodate my love of Christmas by letting me put the Christmas tree up the second week of November....just six weeks to go. (Just kidding)
40. I love the fact that it does not phase C for people to tell him he looks like Drew Carey.
41. I love the fact that C is Allison's hero.
42. I love that all of these things boil down to the fact that C is loving, kind, considerate, and fun.

Happy Birthday C!!!!!

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Tab said...

#10 and #34 were my favorites! I knew he was a great person when I met him, and he inspires me to be a better forecaster every time we work together!

You guys are absolutely perfect for each other...I love the way you're not afraid to show it. Happy Birthday, Chuck...your work family loves you too!