Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

Note to self: Chuck E. Cheese is the devil.

I took Allison tonight to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Jonathan's 4th birthday. She has never been there before, and I thought this was going to be a great, fun, first experience to share together. I was WRONG! That place made horns grow out of the top of my head and made fangs come down out of my mouth.

First, it was impossible to keep up with her in there. It was crowded and she had to see everything in there as fast as she could.

Second, who wants to eat when there are all of these cool things to do? Of course, it took the horns and the fangs to get her to join the rest of the party for pizza and cake.

And do you even want to imagine how difficult it was to get Allison to go home? I really think that she would have been so happy if I would have let her spend the night there. She screamed all the way home, and of course, I felt terrible. Oh well, as you can see below, I know she had a good time and enjoyed her cake and ice cream.
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Tab said...

Chuck E Cheese is the devil, huh?!? I can see why!!! lol.