Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Old Mill

On Tuesday, June 3 we celebrated my mom's 65th birthday. My mom is all about celebrating everything....and I do mean everything! Some people make fun of her for this, but I love it. I love the fact that she wanted to make a day of celebrating this wonderful birthday.

She and Mimi drove up to my house, and I took both of them to The Old Mill. My mom has seen it once, but my aunt - at the age of 79 - had never been there. It was a beautiful, sunny day even if it was a bit warm.

I think The Old Mill is one of Arkansas' best kept secrets. It is nestled in the middle of a neighborhood in the heart of North Little Rock. It was featured in the opening scene the movie "Gone with the Wind". It is believed to be the only remaining structure from the film.

I absolutely love it! Chuck and I had our engagement photographs taken there, and I had my wedding portrait done there. As you can see from my pics, it is breathtaking!

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Tab said...

It is a beautiful place. Sean and I had our engagements there too!