Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our last day at Park Hill CDC

Today was Allison's last day to go full-time to the Park Hill Child Development Center. It was so bittersweet taking her this morning. I'm so excited to be able to do more things with her (and her friends), but I have to say I could have never imagined how wonderful a set of people could have been to my baby. She has grown and developed so much over the past year that she has been there. And you just have no idea what it does to me when she tells me her "fabeorite" song that she sings at school is "Joy, Joy in My Heart".

Ms. Bryn - thank you for loving Allison. I could write a big, long list about how much I appreciate you, but that just says it all: thank you for loving Allison. I hope you know how much she loves you, too.

And just a little side note: Allison loves to wear her sunglasses to school. But today, for some reason, she decided that I needed some glasses too. I told her that I wasn't sure where my sunglasses were. She went and got her other set and told me to wear those, that they would look just "purr-feck" with my outfit. Do I have a diva or what?

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