Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"He'll Be SOOOOO Proud of Us, Mom"

.....the Gingerbread Man, that is.

Allison and I have been constructing our gingerbread house today. Allison was very inquisitive as to how, exactly, were we going to get this gingerbread house together...and when does she get to eat the candy (also of utmost importance.)

I was explaining how this was going to work to her as we were putting the sides and the roof on. She looked up at me with her big eyes and said, "He'll be sooooo proud of us, Mom. Just so proud."

"Well, Allison, who is going to be so proud of us?" I asked (not knowing that it was a dumb question.)

"Mom, the gingerbread man....he lives in the gingerbread house."

Well, of course, he does.

Here are the pics of our gingerbread house:

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Tab said...

Any gingerbread family would be very lucky to have this house. Love the icicle detail off the roof!