Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marble Painting

I posted on Facebook yesterday that Allison and I were painting with marbles. I had a few people tell me they had not heard of this. Well, to be honest, I had not heard of this either until Allison did this at Mother's Day Out a couple of months ago.

It is super easy. I put down a piece of newspaper, then a piece of white construction paper on top of that. We used three colors. I put a little bit of paint in the bottom of a plastic cup, then we each dropped a marble in and swirled it around with a plastic spoon until the marble was completely covered. Once the marble is covered in paint, you scoop it up with the spoon and plop it on the paper and start rolling it around. We had so much fun doing this yesterday (I had almost as much fun as Allison).

Here is the result (mine is on the left; Allison's is on the right):


Rondell said...

This is real inspirational. I think I'm going to try it with Lil' Ree Ree.

Tab said...

Wow...how creative. I'll have to remember that one. Right now Brayden would just try to eat the marble...