Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Movie Day

Today was Family Movie Day at the Rave Motion Picture Theater. They do this every Tuesday & Wednesday during the summer. They show a different movie each week, and it is totally free admission. This weeks showing was "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa".

It was absolutely hilarious. I got so cracked up just watching Allison giggle. It is getting to be so much fun taking her to the movie. She is sitting all the way through them, and she is really mesmerized by the story.

I have to say though that the funniest thing about the trip happened before the movie started. I was trying to send Chuck a text, but I ended up accidentally sending this text to the wrong #: "there is a lot of kiddie body odor up in here." I got a text back: "wrong number - but I hope you get the BO situation under control." I thought it was hilarious!


stinaz81 said...

lol, Don't ya hate when you get the wrong number! Great blog.. And yes Madagascar 2 is a great movie, my kids love it!

Tab said...

HAHAHA..this made me laugh out loud! I have done stuff like this...as a matter of fact I was trying to call the pediatrician the other day to set up an appointment and called a lady from my church instead. I was like 'Can I set up an appt?...and preceded to tell her the problem before I realized that it was the wrong number!' oops... She did help me out though...go figure!