Thursday, June 25, 2009

"This is Chuck....and He's a Weather Guy"

I kept my friend Christina's kids yesterday while she went to the doctor. Annabelle is one of Allison's best friends, and they have so much fun together. Preston is almost eight-months-old, and he is just so precious and sweet.

I was playing with Preston on the bed. He was rolling around, giggling, and generally having a good time. The girls ran in and jumped on the bed. They were so cute all laying up on the pillows (I didn't have time to grab my camera.)

Chuck came home while they were laying there. Allison saw the garage light come on, and she got so excited. She said (screamed), "Annabelle, my daddy is home. His name is Chuck....and he is a weather guy." She is so proud of her daddy. It was ADORABLE!

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