Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Making of Opie

Opie....that is what Allison has named our very first Jack-O-Lantern that we have ever made. Now, if someone could tell me where she got the idea to name it Opie, do tell. Keep in mind, she has never watched "Andy Griffith".

When I was growing up, I can't really ever remember us carving pumpkins. So, I thought this would be a grand thing for us to do today. Allison was excited, too....until I cut the top and took it off. She thought it "smelled like a skunk".

Anyway, here is the great transformation from "pumpkin from Wal-Mart" to "Opie":


Tab said...

What a fabulous pumpkin! Not sure where she got the idea for Opie? Too funny, though:-)

Chuck said...

I like Opie