Thursday, October 30, 2008

An 80th Birthday Celebration

Yesterday, my Aunt Helen celebrated her 80th birthday. In a style true to this family, we have been celebrating since Sunday.

Aunt Helen became "Mimi" about two years ago when Allison was first learning to talk. She couldn't say "Aunt Helen", and since my mom and aunt were living together all of a sudden, we had to find something for Allison to call Aunt Helen. So, Mimi it was. "Mimi" won out over "Toots".

I admire Mimi so much. She has a quite strength about her. She always has. And although her body may be aching, and sometimes it seems even failing her, Mimi is as sharp as a tack.

Mimi reads all the time. I'm convinced she reads the newspaper word for word. Don't get into a discussion about the current economic conditions in this country unless you want to hear from Mimi how we got here and what needs to be done about it.

Here are a few pics from Mimi's party on Sunday. Happy Birthday, Mimi. I hope you have many, many more:

P.S. - I forgot the funniest thing about Mimi's party. About 15 minutes before people started showing up, my mom broke her front crown off - tooth and everything. I'm talking nothing was there. My mom and Mimi were dressed just alike, and everybody kept commenting that they looked like twins. Mimi's reply: "She's 15 years younger, but I'm the one with all my teeth." It was hysterical. I'm still chuckling about it. Also, I do have a picture of my mother with no tooth. I'm saving it as bribery.

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