Friday, August 8, 2008

A mother's dream.....

.....sometimes turns into a horrible, horrible nightmare. A funny nightmare, but nevertheless a nightmare.

That is exactly how Wednesday went (ok, I'm a little behind on the blogging.)

Christina and I had this wonderful vision of taking Allison and Annabelle to their very first live show. I think we were even trying to tell ourselves it would be like introducing them to "the theatre." Yes, we were going to introduce a just-turned-two-year-old and an almost-three-year-old to "the theatre." "The theatre" was actually "The Backyardigans Live!"

Then, we were going to take them to this fabulous lunch at Mimi's (think the very opposite of Chick-fil-a, where we should have gone.)

Here's how it went:

We arrived at Robinson Auditorium; got our tickets from the will call window; and proceeded to find our seats - each of the girls with their Tasha dolls in hand:

The show begins, and Annabelle starts crying because it was dark. I did not realize that she all-of-a-sudden has become scared of the dark:

We get through the first half; the girls run WILD (and I do mean WILD) during intermission; they do not want to go back in for the second half, but we insist on completing this lovely trip to "the theatre". Minutes after we get our seats for the second half, Allison starts insisting (rather loudly, I might add) that she wants to go home. Then Annabelle catches on to this. Christina and I oblige, and we exit a little early. Can I tell you this was probably a good thing since we could not find our car in the four-story parking deck?

Mom, where is our car?

We finally find the car, which Christina and I basically kissed when we found it. And off to Mimi's we went....for a twenty minute wait for a table at noon (past the girls lunch time). But Christina and I still had on some kind of rose-colored glasses and decided to wait. Once we got seated, Allison decided to lay down in the booth with her booty in the air to try to take a nap. It was lovely.

After our meal, we left Mimi's and headed for Garden Ridge. That's a shopping experience for a whole different blog.

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