Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week in Review

I haven't posted all has been way too long! I've missed you!

We have had a great week:

We went swimming last weekend at a friend's house. He graciously allowed us to spend some time there while he was away. I have got to get Allison some swim lessons next year. She LOVES the water!

Please allow me to pose for you while I get in the pool:

But getting in this way is way more fun:

And now I'm tired, so I think I'll relax like a mermaid here:

Big Babe, NOT Allison, came down with a fever virus at the beginning of the week. Big Babe had to go to the doctor on Monday and get her ears, throat, and lungs checked. Because Big Babe, NOT ALLISON, came down with the fever virus, Allison had to miss the first day of Mother's Day Out on Monday. We did get to go on Thursday though. She LOVED it! She was getting sooooo bored here with me ALL the time. She was a little bit upset when I picked her up. She wanted to stay some more. This is her beautiful artwork she made on her first day:

We got a new helmet and kneepads this week, so Allison spent some time on her new scooter:

Then she was done with the scooter:

And moved on to her bicycle:

And what did I get accomplished this week? (It's a burning question, isn't it?)
I made this:

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