Friday, August 15, 2008

A quick "hello" to Tina

I received the sweetest email last night from a customer from when I co-owned Lads & Ladybugs. The last time I saw her was about two weeks before my last day at the store in May, and I had given her my email.

Now, I don't usually do that. I've been in retail longer than I would really like to admit (try 15+ years), and there have only been a handful of customers that I really even thought I would miss.

Well, Tina is one of the people that I just loved. She has a beautiful little girl named Madison who will be three in November(?). Tina and her husband adopted Madison as a newborn just a few months after Allison was born. We just got to talking and discovered that we had so much in common. (Namely that we both LOVE to spoil our kids, and we both think they have to be the cutest ones in a bunch).

Tina has a smile that lights up a room. It was a true, true joy for me to get to know her over the last year or so at L&L.

I emailed Tina back last night with my blog address, so she could see what the Rickard clan has been up to this summer. So, Tina, if you are reading this, thank you for emailing me last night. It just made my day!

(P.S. Tina, I hope you don't mind me sharing this photo with my family & friends).

Madison in the tutu that I made for her (she just couldn't be more adorable):

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Tab said...

Ahh...Madison is adorable. And cute tutu!