Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saying goodbye to Hannah

It was such a treat for us to have Marty, Hannah, and Evan come on Friday, spend the night with us, then stay for Allison's birthday party on Saturday. It was a bit hard to remember what we did when Marty and I would stay at each other's houses before we had kids. We concluded that we sat around, ate bonbons, drank margaritas, and watched "American Idol". I have to say this is way more exhausting, but WAY MORE FUN!!!! Thanks Harvey family for being our friends, and thank you Marty, for being my friend for many years now.

Towards the end of the birthday party, Marty and I had two tired girls. It was time for the Harvey family to go, but Hannah and Allison had to have their final words together before Hannah departed:

Then Allison walked Hannah to her car:

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