Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick-or-Treat Kitty Style

Allison dressed up like a kitty for Halloween. I made a black tutu (which she loves to dance around the house in) and attached a boa tail. We made her some ear and then painted her a cute kitty cat face.....and voila.....we have the cutest kitty in town.

Our first stop was the Park Hill business district where I use to have my shop. All the businesses hand out candy in the afternoon to trick-or-treaters. Allison loved looking at all the people dressed up. This was really her first ever trick-or-treat excursion.

Our next pit stop was at daddy's office. He took some candy to be able to give her. It was so sweet, because some of the other people that he works with also had candy to put in her bucket (like she needed more). Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera into the office.

Next stop: Bine and Sasa's (Brian and Sarah's). Allison thought this was grand because the "no-no" puppy was dressed up like a pumpkin, although I didn't get a good pic of him either (I need to get on the stick with my picture-taking skills):

After a quick stop at home, we headed to Sherwood Fest where they had lots of games for the kids to play in order to get their candy:

And, last but certainly not least, was a visit to The Lewis House. Allison got all the M&M's she wanted, played unmercifully with John, and even helped him hand out candy to the rest of their trick-or-treaters:


Tab said...

Awwww...cutest kitten EVER! Love the tutu:-) She looks like she had a fun Halloween. What was momma Rickard's costume!?! :-)

Kera said...

SHe looks ADORABLE! You did an awesome job!!!!!!!!