Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Hey, Mama Goose"

This is another installment of "Allison's Favorite Books". I checked this book out on Monday along with 10 others, but this is the one that she has had me read EVERY night this week. She loves it! And I think it is adorable!

Here is what the inside flap of the book says:

When the Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe runs out of room for her big family, who does she turn to? Her friendly real-estate agent, of course!

Mama Goose has the perfect house for the old woman and her children: Snow White's cottage complete with seven small beds. Snow White and the seven dwarfs take over Rapunzel's castle. Rapunzel moves in with Rumpelstiltskin, who spins her hair into gold; and so on, until all of the residents of Fairy Tale Land are bumped into a different dwelling.

Despite Mama Goose' best efforts, somehow the new abodes don't feel quite right. Will they all find their way back to Home Sweet Home?

Narrated in rollicking rhyme and illustrated with cheery, unique artwork, this house-swapping adventure is too good to pass up!

This is definitely one that may have to become part of the permanent Rickard collection!

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